P. thunbergii - puffy foliage P. thunbergii 'Thunderhead' needles P. thunbergii bonsai P. thunbergii P. thunbergii

Pinus thunbergii @ US Arboretum

Pinus Thunbergii | Japanese Black Pine

Evergreen. Great stature and grace alone or in masses even as a screen. Lustrous deep green needles with white, candles (buds) are particularly handsome. Conveys a spirit of ancient wilderness for any style garden.

Care-free, works very well for salty sites. Transfer B&B if root trimmed. Heat and drought tolerant.

‘Compacta’ dense large shrub
‘Globoso’ large dense globe
‘Mini Mounds’ 2’ to 4’/ 7’ to 9’
‘Mt Hood Prostrate’ dramatic low sweeping, 6’ to 8’ / 8’ to 12’
‘Thunderhead’ heavy buds, dwarf broad habit
P. thunbergii ‘Oculus Draconis’ has a neat yellow horizontal banding on needles

ZONES HARDINESS | SUN OR SHADE ….. 5 – 8 | full sun
GROWTH RATE ….. Medium
HEIGHT / WIDTH ….. 20’ to 80’ / 20’ to 40’ (great variation)
PLANT SHAPE & BRANCHING ….. Artistically uneven, but generally pyramidal in youth, spreading and pendulous with age

LEAF FORM & SHAPE ….. 2 persisting 3 to 5 years, 2 ½“ to 4 ½“ x 1/12, stiff, fine pointed, stomatic lines on surface
LEAF ARRANGEMENT ….. Needles twisted, appear as puffy ball shapes
LEAF COLOR ….. Evergreen | lustrous dark green

P. thunbergii bark
BARK | blackish gray on old trees, elongated irregular plates
CONES | subterminal, solitary or clustered, 1 ½“ to 3”, shiny light brown
CANDLES | tall showy white buds

Soil Quit salt tolerant, best growth in moist, fertile, well drained, will grow in sandy, used for reclaiming dunes.
Native to Japan
image Pinus thunbergii candles

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