image Betula nigra against plain house image Betula nigra against plain house image Betual nigra against stone house

image Betula nigra exfoliating bark

Betula nigra ‘Heritage’ | River Birch

Fabulous exfoliating bark on multiple tall trim trunks giving year round interest. Bark color can be white to warm brown, cinnamon red. Fine textured folliage provides shade and dappled light in summer. As the name suggests, this tree can grow right in water and loves river banks. Might be a good candidate for landscapes with standing water issues. ‘Heritage’ is extremly heat tolerant for Birchs. Nice for close to the house.

Best not to prune in spring – sap bleeds. Needs lots of water. In the South has trouble with wood borrers, don’t use any but ‘Heritage’ or ‘Duraheat’ in Mid-Atlantic. Can get powdery mildew but not a big problem and goes away with care and season.
Lots of leaf drop, will need to rake frequently. Deer may like them.
‘Duraheat’ very similar to ‘Heritage’ but even more heat tolerant, branches to ground
Betula papyrifera | Paper Birch zones 2 – 6 (use only west of Barryville, VA), new branches are red, bark is like chocolate shavings
Betula Pendula | European White Birch pendulous branches, no pealing bark

ZONES HARDINESS | SUN OR SHADE ….. 3 – 7 | sun to part shade
GROWTH RATE ….. medium to fast
HEIGHT / WIDTH ….. 30′/30′ (species up to 70′)
PLANT SHAPE & BRANCHING ….. Upright, pyramidal to oval, multi-stemmed, dense
LEAF FORM & SHAPE ….. 2″ to 3.5″, diamond shape, softly serrated
LEAF ARRANGEMENT ….. simple, alternate
LEAF COLOR ….. FALL yellow, SUMMER deep green

image Betula nigra bark, trunks

FLOWERS | catkins, birdfoot shape
BARK | huge papery, peeling strips
SEEDS | attract birds

SOIL prefers really moist, even totally wet, ok in clay. Native in US

image Betula nigra in a row

OH State / Betula nigra

Daves’s Garden / Betual nigra

NC State / Betula nigra

MO Botanical Gardens / Betula nigra

River Birch – Betula nigra, originally uploaded by sisudave