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This woodland garden in NW DC, designed by my friend and fellow landscape designer, Cathy Barrow (aka Mrs. Wheelbarrow) bursts forth in the spring with bulbs and perrenials, BUT NO GRASS. Looking carefully next to the house you can see one of the 7 foot tall camellia just tucked behind te the tree. This garden features daphne, red stem dogwoods, amelanchier and hellebore which grace the new PA Bluestone path. The path sweeps around the side to the right and into the back yard. Walking around the house turns out to be a really nice trip. Experiencing a yard like this means appreciating the seasons.


[above: camellias, below left: amelanchier, below right: hellebore]

IMG_6501.JPG IMG_5947.JPG

[below: red stem dogwood about to leaf out with stone edged raised beds and nice meandering path]