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Reflection and Energy with Water | Landscape Design Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to incorporate or have already some water in your landscape, then you know the charm of a water feature. But water features can have different qualities dependign on how it incorporated, of course. Moving water is very dynamic and invigigorating, while the still water (like above) is peaceful, dreamy, literally and figuratively reflective. Whatever the feeling you’d like in your landscape, water can be made to enhance it by design.
Water can also provide spacial organizatioin. Curving lines of streams can direct passage; movement of water can urge you on. Water can provide a very formal, stately and dramatic entrace with a sense of granduer. Or on the otherhand, water can sooth you with soft ripples and keep you transfixed in one spot for long periods of time.

A beautiful walkway (at top) at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, both the walkway and the patio (below) seem to float, just like the waterlilies on the water contributing to the dreamy quality of the place. The green water and the evergreen shrubs both have a soft quality and texture which encourages people to amble along slowly.

In the photo above, you can see both extremes of energy and reflection portrayed with the water fountain in the middle of the lake.

In the photo below, it’s all action, fast water, straight (fast) lines of the allées (an avenue in a park or landscape). The movement takes you right down to the lake water’s edge and then lets you rest.  In this case, water is leading you to water and making an extended connection into the landscape, cool.