Secret Garden | Landscape Design Ideas

These are my daughters by the little pond in the one of the “Landscape Gardens” at the Chicago Botanic Garden, where we visited the other day. Yes, this blog is focused on the Mid-Atlantic region of the US for plants but good design is everywhere of course. So if you have the chance, please visit. It’s wonderful. The Chicago Botanic Gardens, built on nine different little islands and the mainland near Northwestern University, was inspired by an old water garden (called the “Garden of Perfect Brightness” that served as a retreat for Chinese Emperors in the 18th Century.

Let me talk about this image, though. This spot is a treasure among many. The central feature is the pond of course, but it is the high hedges that make it quiet and special there. Against that dramatic backdrop the informal and tough low maintenance flowers and shrubs can really shine. The Botanic Garden web site says that these plants are great for the Mid-western home gardener, which is wonderful. Still, putting them into a ciricular “room”, a place to stop along a journey, is what makes it “secret”.