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European Style Backyard Patio | dogwood*design #1

European Style Backyard Patio | dogwood*design project #1

Adele Medina O’Dowd, principal, dogwood*design, llc
contact me | or 202.255.0728
references available upon request

My friends, the owners in Chevy Chase, MD, wanted a relaxing, stylish spot to entertain their friends and family. They wanted their backyard to remind them of the beautiful places they’d visited on European travels. Of course, their patio needed to be a personal space with an intimate scale, but inspired by old world charm. The owners, who are into gardens but not gardening per se, wanted the yard to be easy to care for. My friends were so nice to act as my first guinny pigs and we started from scratch with a narrow yard of compacted red clay soil, just after they completed their new kitchen renovation. The layout of the yard is formal, with a fountain (coming soon) on one end, balanced on both with 5 tall columnar trees each. But, the ambiance is fresh and comfortable with hydrangeas and camellias flowing over short boxwood headges. The new stone patio with a seat wall and a fireplace has become warm outdoor room for them to enjoy.

Buxus fastigiata | Boxwood (columnar)
Buxus microphylla var. koreana x B. sempervirens ‘Green Mountain’
Buxus microphylla var. koreana x B. sempervirens ‘Green Gem’
Buxus sinica var. insularis ‘Justin Brouwers’ | Boxwood
Camellia x ‘Snow Flurry’ | Hardy Camellia fall bloomer
Carex elata ‘Aurea’ | Bowles Golden Grass
Deutzia gracilis | Slendar Deutzia
Hydrangea panicullata ‘Limelight’
Hypericum calycinum ‘Briggadoon’ | St. John’s Wort
Ilex crenata ‘Sky Pencil’ | Sky Pencil Littleleaf Holly
Miscanthus senensis ‘Strictus’ | Porcupine Grass
Prunus yeodensis ‘Yoshino’ | Japanese Cherry Blossom
Prunus subhirtella ‘Pendula’ | Weeping Cherry
Rose ‘New Dawn’ | Blush Pink hardy climbing rose
Thuja occidentallis ‘Degroot’s Spire’ | Degroot’s Sprire Arborvitae

PA field stone seat wall, 18″ high with topped with copping
PA flagstone patio mixed colors laid in stone dust (for better water perculation)
Irrigation system installed on a timer
4.5′ tall, 5′ wide 2 tiered self-contained fountain
4′ tall fire pit with wrought iron decoration
wrought iron rose trellises.

The style of this garden doesn’t lend itself to easy care. But the owners are fully self-aware of their own capabilities and have weighed their priorities. Regular pruning will be needed, but it is made easy because the owners were interested and ready to commit to a maintenance contract.  On a “green” note, water is not wasted here. We have installed an irrigation system on a timer to direct water exactly to plants that need it, as needed.  In fact, a rain detector, basically a spongey sensor hooked up to the system, automatically adjusts the water flow when irrigation is not needed in periods of rain.  Also, providing just the right amount of water means there is little or no run-off into storm drains.  Last, because the stone patio was set in place with stone dust instead of concrete, water can percolate into the ground through to the earth below it.  The owners travel a lot but know their plants will remain happy and healthy because they have other care systems in place. They feel they have made a terrific investment and will have a lot of fun in the space they created. If you’d like to check out the nitty gritty of process, see it here.

Evergro Landscaping, DC, MD, VA


[Above: My friend's sister inaugurated the new patio by renewing her wedding vows here the day after planting was complete on her 25th anniversary. White rose petals decorate the patio floor.]

[Below Left : Before | Below Right : After]
IMG_8094.JPG IMG_8822.JPGIMG_8092.JPG IMG_8826.JPG

[Below : Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight']


Ok, so the fireplace ornament still needs to be hung up.



Buxus microphylla | Littleleaf Boxwood

image Buxus microphylla image Buxus microphylla leaves image Buxus microphylla image Buxus fastigiata image Buxus americana 'Green Towers' image Buxus 'Dee Runk'

image Buxus microphylla

Buxus microphylla | Littleleaf Boxwood

Evergreen, traditional and lovely.  Wonderful specimen or aristocratic hedge. Gives an evergreen structure to a garden. Can be pruned in any shape, round, rectangular, animal topiary, often used in formal gardens.  

Easily transplanted. Prospers in climates that do not have extreme summer heat or winter cold. Prune in late winter. Adaptable, prefers limestone soils pH 6 or greater.
image Buxus microphylla 'Green Velvet'
New growth extremely sensitive to winter injury – never prune in August when there is no time for cold hardening. Likes the sun so if you have too shady a spot, try Ilex crenata as an alternative.
‘Green Beauty’ 3′/ 3′ in 10 years, easygoing ringer for English box (readily available)
‘var. koreana x B. sempervirens hybrids’ handsome and valuable group of boxwoods, compact and hardy with nice color of sempervirens
‘Winter Beauty’ 3’ to 4’, mounded dark green
‘Winter Gem’ 2’ tall, velvety green
‘Green Ice’ 3’/ 3’ extremely hardy, glossy (says Dirr)
‘Green Mountain’ 5’/ 3’, pyramidal, upright (readily available)
‘Green Velvet’ 4’/ 4’, pretty leaves (readily available) article in home section 1.11.07 mentions the following Boxwoods…
‘John Baldwin’ 10′/ 3.5′ in 25 yrs, fine leaf, pretty sillouette
‘Varder Valley’ 2′/ 3′ in 15 yrs low spreader, blue cast
‘Green Beauty’
‘Elegantissima’ 3′/ 2′ in 15 yrs, creamy edges and the best variagated
‘Dee Runk’ 9′/ 2′ in 15 yrs ($$$) good for small hedge (small ones available)
‘Justin Brouwers’ 2′/2.5′ in 10 yrs, a fixture at the white house (readily available at Evergro and Merrifield)

ZONES HARDINESS | SUN OR SHADE ….. 7 – 9 | full sun to moderate shade
GROWTH RATE ….. slow, slower than sempervirens
HEIGHT / WIDTH ….. 3’ to 4’ / 3’ to 4’

PLANT SHAPE & BRANCHING ….. rounded, multiple branching, open or dense depending on the cultivar
LEAF FORM & SHAPE ….. 1/3” – 1”, ovate to lance shape
LEAF ARRANGEMENT ….. simple, opposite
LEAF COLOR ….. Evergreen | medium green | New growth | emerges light green and waxy (while sempervirens emerges flat blue-green)
image Buxus microphylla 'Green Beauty'FEATURES, BUDS, FLOWERS, FRUIT
| delicate March-April, male has occasional petals

SOIL prefers moist, but extrememly well drained, hates wet feet
Native to Eastern Asia

UCONN plant database/Buxus microphylla

MO Botanical Garden/Buxus microphylla

Saunders Brothers / Justin Brouwers

d*d flickr

image 'Dee Runk'

‘Dee Runk’ above, wonderful but $$$

image 'Justin Brouwers'

‘Justin Brouwers’ above and below, cute isn’t it?

image 'Justin Brouwers' image 'Justin Brouwers' Boxwood