hello I’m adele medina o’dowd, a landscape designer.  My partner is laura will, landscape architect.  Together we are willow landscape design.  We live and work in the Washington, DC, MD suburbs and Northern VA  area.  Please email me adele.odowd@gmail.com to schedule a visit.

projects | portfolio | samples | work |whatever you want to call it

Creating Balance on a Hill ||||||||||||||||||||||||| Private Asian Patio||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Sustainable Woodland Path ||||||||||||||||||||| European Style Back Patio ||||||||||||||||||||

design sketches

image detail of landscape design sample
image of landscape design sample 2

[below] my kitchen tile pattern I made.

image of my kitchen tile pattern I created

image of me and lily in the frontloader

right, myself and my daughter a few years ago in the front loader that set me on this path.